Advertising in the broadcast has become a staple of internet televion's advertising mix from the very beginning of the medium. Advertising using s Station ID or an In Broadcast scripted advertisement can do wonders for your brand's public image and increase listeners or possibly sell more downloads. 


No on can really communicate your brand or the passion you have in your music or business than you. The marketplace is so sophisticated now, and it’s very evident if someone’s just an actor saying words. Nothing can replace your passion. That sells downloads. That helps to generate more listeners to your music.

Consider On Air Advertising with College Underground TV

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We will play a Video Station ID featuring you or your group before your music video on the playlist for as long as your music video is in it's initial rotation. Simply record a Station ID Video up to 30 Seconds in time. Send it to us on the submission form. 


Station ID should be something like: EXAMPLE: This is __________ and you are watching College Underground TV. (Anything else you say is up to your creativity. Up to 15 seconds total time). 





We will play your video advertisement either before your music video on the playlist or at the beginning of the block of time which contains your music video for as long as your video is in it's initial rotation. Simply record your advertisement (Up to 60 Seconds. If your ad is longer, we will edit it to fit within 30 seconds), then send it to us.


An On Air advertisement usually contains a Station ID and then information on where your music or music videos can be purchased or social media information or information on the band or artist. EXAMPLE: This is __________ and you are watching College Underground TV. (Anything else you say is up to your creativity. Up to 60 seconds total time).


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